Want to invest in New Zealand? Or want to live, work, study or just visit New Zealand?

We provide highly personalised assistance with most types of visas  for  New Zealand. Whether you are a professional considering relocating to New Zealand or you have a trade qualification or experience and are interested in work opportunities available in New Zealand, you can benefit from our wealth of expertise.

Residence applications


  • An Entrepreneur interested in doing business New Zealand, or want to invest in New Zealand?
  • Interested in migrating and have certain skills, experience and qualifications needed in New Zealand?
  • Holding a Work to Residence Permit or Visa and have been working in New Zealand for over two years?
  • A Key Employee of a business that is relocating to New Zealand?
  • A person who has family members living in New Zealand and wish to join them?



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  • A letter from an approved institution offering a place on the course.
  • Receipt to show that the fees are paid.
  • Tenancy agreement or a letter to show a guarantee of accommodation.
  • Money to support yourself during the study time.



  • Want to either establish a business or buy an existing business in New Zealand?
  • Have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, in an occupation currently in demand?
  • Have a job offer that is not in an occupation currently in demand? (conditions apply)
  • Have a spouse or partner who is a New Zealand/Australian citizen, resident or Work Visa holder?
  • Have a qualification completed in New Zealand?



  • An outbound ticket at the end of the nine months stay and
  • Sufficient funds for the visitor to support themselves during their stay or
  • a New Zealand resident or citizen is eligible to sponsor the visitor, (this means taking full responsibility for them).