"My story is a complicated one and full of surprises. I came to New Zealand full of confidence that I will find a job in no time and get my work permit and residency in less than a year. After a few months in South Island I saw that things are not exactly like that and finding a job is not that easy as I thought will be. Immigration NZ was there not to help me but to make things more complicated. After I finally found a job another quest started: to get the work visa from Immigration. Lucky for me I had Simona to help me out, and her interventions got me a temporary 3 months’ work visa until Immigration finished working on my application. Simona stood by me the whole road from the moment I started searching for jobs until now, when we went over the finish line. Late calls, online availability, quick answers and fast movement when needed are just a few of the services offered to us. We are very happy with how the things worked between us and we recommend that to everyone interested in a safe journey towards their goal. Thanks one more time guys and we hope you will keep offer your amazing services to the world."
Alex Vasile
"Whenever we make a huge financial or life-changing decision, we are wrecked with worry about whether the people that we trust to advise us are of the best ... or – at the very least -- have our interests at heart. This probably goes more for an immigration advisor than pretty much anyone else one may rely on ... almost as much as, say, a doctor whom we trust to advise us when ill -- or a lawyer whom we trust to act on our behalf in a civil or criminal lawsuit. When we need an immigration advisor, we are usually at our most vulnerable. Strangers in a strange land where the customs of the locals – and the government – are alien, and often incomprehensible, to us. Usually unsure of ourselves, often needing transport, accommodation and employment, who do we turn to? How do we know that the people with whom we deal are competent ... or even trustworthy? By the recommendation of someone who was once in your position. And that someone is me. Having been very badly burned by a so-called immigration adviser in Auckland, I was in dire straits until Simona was recommended to me by friends. Needless to say, I was cynical about approaching another adviser. Once bitten ... Because of my unusual position, I had little hope. Through a unique combination of circumstances I was not in a good position to be a potential Kiwi. Over the normal age of acceptance, yet to be permanently employed and lacking in the requisite immigration points, things were looking pretty bleak for me. However, Simona and her team then got to work on my case. Long story short, it has been a long, hard uphill battle, I’ll admit, but on the 15th of December , I received that phone call telling me that my dream of becoming a Kiwi is about to be realised."
Gary Wilkins
South Africa
"Hi Simona, I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you have done for me & my family over the past 2 & a half years. You were recommended to us by both our family already residing in NZ & from another of your customers. As you can appreciate, moving to another country is in itself a daunting task, though this combined with having another 4 family members to process & the incredibly complex & often changing NZ Immigration regulations, NSIS has helped considerably to reduce the stress in such a long & drawn out process. Whilst contracted to be our agent you have successfully processed 8 work permits & 6 student visas with a 100% success rate! In addition, filed a family residency application & efficiently managed this application over the past 2 years - hopefully the result we should receive soon will add to this success! You have often put yourself out, visiting me at my place of work & allowing me to call by your office after hours in order to ensure Immigration deadlines are always met. Going that extra mile, coupled with your friendly & assuring nature had been a key factor in making your company such a success for you & your dedicated team. I would like to take this opportunity to pass on our gratitude for providing us with a top class service, keep up the good work..... Yours sincerely, Andrew, Emma, Benjamin, Charlotte & Eloise Young"
Andrew Young
United Kingdom